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Maxim Nemchenko

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Skipper's yachts

Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45
Farr 45

Yacht:FAVORIT plus



Cabins:no cabins



45 foot yacht Farr 45

Our racing yacht is the brainchild of the famous design bureau Bruce Farr, the author of which owns a whole list of cruising and racing boats that successfully perform in regattas of various difficulty levels, including around the world

Sailing yacht gennaker

Before EVERY regatta, the yacht undergoes thorough preparation:

bottom cleaning

mast and rig monitoring

sailing training

The yacht’s readiness for launch largely determines the success of the race. The more attentive and caring we are, the more grateful IT will be - super fast, beautiful, bold, elegant, sensitive, very powerful, comfortable, warm and dear - our FAVORIT plus

To participate in many regattas in which we participate, the boat must comply with the requirements of the WS Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019, Category 2 (the next category is already the ocean). We meet all the requirements, so you can be sure of the reliability and safety of the yacht. Of course, no one excludes the human factor (the geek gape and gently “touched” the top of his head)

Safety training is carried out before EVERY regatta, regardless of the level of crew training

There are only 20 Farr45 yachts in the world and one of them is ours. King of Spain Philip VI owns the same boat