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July 20, 2024
July 27, 2024

ISSA Inshore skipper course


Total days:8Course days: 7

Team level

Еxperienced, Beginners

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Russian, English
ISSA Inshore skipper course
About event

Start:Budva, Montenegro

Finish:Budva, Montenegro

ISSA Inshore skipper course

To undergo the practical training, you initially need to complete the theoretical course. We also accept certificates of completion from other schools. After completing the theoretical course, you'll embark on a yacht with an instructor for a week, where you'll practice boat handling and mooring, perform exercises, and train in real-life conditions. Additionally, each day you'll review and thoroughly study important theory.


  • Sailing a yacht at sea: mooring, anchoring, sail handling, and much more important and interesting skills.
  • Navigation: working with charts and compass, determining position without GPS, identifying beacons and buoys, collision avoidance with other vessels, and more.
  • Passage planning: learn to plot yacht routes, understand the characteristics of different regions, choose anchorages and resting places.
  • Meteorology: how to plan routes based on wind or approaching weather, signs of approaching storms, and wind patterns under appropriate clouds.
  • Yacht systems: understanding the yacht's interior and exterior, operating instruments, anchors, engines, identifying breakdowns, and self-repair.
  • VHF radio communication: communicating via radio, requesting places in marinas, signaling distress, and using satellite transmitters.
  • Knots: learning maritime knots, understanding ropes and rigging.
  • Legal aspects: everything about insurance and licenses, special zones and border crossings, and everything necessary for a comfortable journey.

Events schedule

  • Jul 20, 2024

    Classes 10-17 daily




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