It is simply impossible to see everything in one trip, and it is not necessary. It is better to come here again and study this exotic country with its original culture. We have collected for you the top 10 attractions that will help you get to know Thailand better.

1. The historic city of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. Now, here there are the remains of the magnificent city, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On a fairly large territory, there are the ruins of ancient buildings, palaces, temple complexes, and Buddhist statues. This city, of course, will not surprise you with a variety of nightlife and trendy shops, but it will introduce you to Thai history. And this is necessary if you came to this country for the first time because the past helps to better understand the present.

2. The Royal Palace in Bangkok

This is another object that you must see. Ayutthaya was the prototype for the palace design. The palace was built in the 18th century. The royal family does not live here but comes only to official ceremonies. The complex is surrounded by 2 km long walls, and inside it, there are 95 pagodas and several buildings. The galleries of the palace are decorated with frescoes that depict 148 episodes from the life of the founder of the dynasty — Rama I. Some buildings are occupied by government institutions. Tourists can go to the complex and take a walk. But you must be in closed clothing.

3. Thai village of Phuket

In the Thai village in Phuket, you can feel the spirit of the country, get to know it more closely, get acquainted with the cultural traditions and crafts of Thailand. In the Thai village, visitors will be shown performances with traditional Thai dances and sword fights. There are also performances with elephants, after which you can ride this animal. Here, you can learn Thai crafts or just buy a souvenir. The newlyweds come here to hold the ceremony in Thai traditions, and the marriage is registered by authorized persons. A beautiful orchid garden is also located in the Thai village. You can spend the whole day here but don’t be afraid to stay hungry — there are cafes and restaurants on-site.

4. The White Temple in Chiang Rai

The White Temple is a relatively new building. Chalermchai Kositpipat began building it in 1997, and it continues to this day. The artist is building the temple completely at his own expense and does not limit his imagination. The White Temple looks really amazing. It is decorated with pieces of mirrors, as well as the sculptures around it. Its roof is decorated with four animals that symbolize different elements of nature. The complex also has a fish pond. The path to the entrance to the temple is called «the road from hell to heaven.» The walls of the temple are decorated with paintings on the struggle between good and evil. Inside, there are two Buddha statues.

5. Phuket Orchid Garden

Orchids are an unofficial symbol of Thailand. Many travelers buy this beautiful flower here to bring home a piece of this country. In the Phuket Orchid Garden, 1,500 species of this magnificent plant of all possible shades grow. At the entrance to the Garden, you will be presented with an orchid. Then you will have an excursion during which you will be told about the secrets of growing and caring for these flowers. Of course, you can walk around the Garden on your own, admiring the beauty of orchids. It is almost impossible to leave here without buying something. The orchids that are sold here are fully prepared for transportation, and well packaged. They also sell very beautiful souvenirs from orchids with a gold coating.

6. Phuket Botanical Garden

Phuket Botanical Garden occupies a vast territory of 10,000 square meters. The whole territory is created in a national Thai style, decorated with figures of wood, beautiful fountains. In the garden, hundreds of species of various plants, several dozen varieties of cacti, unique palm trees grow. Japanese carps live in the ponds and lotuses and lilies grow. By the way, for a small fee, carps can be fed. The entire territory of the park is divided into several zones with individual landscape design. Lychee, mango, mangosteen, pink apples grow in the orchard. There is also a winter garden where plants from different regions of Thailand grow. Also, there is a corner in the style of the island of Bali and the English garden. The garden has a small farmer’s corner. Here, they talk about the features of agriculture in Thailand, there is a small rice field and a house with a garden.

7. Military beach in Pattaya

Most tourists go to Thailand to enjoy the sea and beach holidays. One of the most attractive beaches in Pattaya is Military Beach or Blue Lagoon. It is located 20 km from the city, and sightseeing buses go here since you cannot get to the beach yourself. The beach is sometimes used for training by the Thai armed forces, so it is called the Military. There are fewer people here than in Pattaya, the water is clean and clear, and of course, there is white sand. The beach is surrounded by pine trees, which is quite unusual for Thailand. There are practically no waves because the coast is surrounded by hills.

8. Koh Samui

It would be strange, describing the sights of Thailand, not to mention its islands. There are many of them and they are all beautiful and unusual. We will mention some of them. Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is one of the most attractive islands. It is called Coconut Palm Island. In addition to white beaches and the turquoise sea, the island has many waterfalls. Fans of nightlife and families with children come to the island. The north coast is quiet and relatively secluded. And the western one is the place with the most beautiful sunsets.

9. Phi Phi Islands

The islands of Phi Phi, consisting of 6 islands, are located 48 km from Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Only one of them is inhabited — the island of Phi Phi Don. It has all the infrastructure for recreation — hotels, shops, cafes. One of the most famous beaches is Long Beach. It is named so, of course, because of its length. There is no crowd here and you can relax. The island of Phi Phi Lei is known for the movie «Beach» with Leo DiCaprio. Fans of wildlife, snorkeling, and diving come here.

10. James Bond Island

James Bond Island is also located near Phuket. It became famous thanks to the movie about the famous spy, which was filmed here in 1974. James Bond Island (the official name is Koh Tapu) is a rock with a narrow base that you can’t go to, and even swimming close is not possible. But it can be seen from the neighboring island — Khao Ping Kan. This island consists of two rocks that are connected by a sandy isthmus. He is also unusually beautiful.

Парусные мероприятия в Таиланде
В Таиланд вы влюбитесь с первого взгляда — белоснежные пляжи, вкусная еда, доброжелательные местные жители. Добавьте к этому потрясающие возможности для зимнего яхтинга в водах Адаманского моря и вы захотите остаться здесь навсегда!